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Candle Divas Consultants

Candle Divas Consultants

The consultant earns 25% on sales and a 25% discount on all products.

The consultant earns 5% on level 2 sales (direct down line)

The consultant earns 3% on level 3 sales (direct down lines, direct)

Get paid weekly by PayPal. Monthly Consultant Rewards, Monthly Incentives.

Be sure to fill in the persons' name that referred you to our program or ask them for their link.

The consultant must send at least one click to the consultant's link to remain active every 90 days. You can even click on your own link to remain active or you may make a purchase every 90 days!

It is very easy to stay active here at Candle Divas and there is no purchase required. if your account goes inactive you will lose all down lines and bonus awards! Please remain active in our program. It would be a great pleasure to have you on our team and on the board.



If you select to join our team and you were referred by someone, please fill in the name at sign up. Accounts are approved within 24 hours! Fill in all the information on the sign-up form or the account will not be approved. You will get a Welcome Email from Candle Divas!

Save the welcome email for easy dashboard access! If you do not receive the welcome email, please send us a message and we will look into the issue.

If you are with another candle or wax company or promote one, please do not join our program.

The welcome email will include the link to our Facebook Group and Graphics Group. You will find promo items within the dashboard and in our groups. If you have any questions, contact us at the Contact Us Link on our website!